BCA – L 731 7-1-23 to 6-30-24

BUILDING, CONCRETE & EXCAVATING LABORERS LOCAL #731 Wage Rates and Fringe Benefits – 7/1/2023 to 6/30/2024 JURISDICTION: New York City *WAGES – HOURLY RATE: Laborer Laborer Foreman Utility Laborers Utility Foreman CONTRIBUTIONS – FOR HOURS WORKED: Annuity Fund **IAP Fund Pension Fund Welfare Fund L.E.C.E.T. 731 Training Fund 7/1/2023 TO 6/30/2024 $ 44.50 $ 47.00 $ 44.35 $ 46.85 $ 10.00 $ 0.50 $ 14.48 $ 26.90 $ 0.15 $ 0.70 $ 52.73 *Separate check for Dues Check-Off: $1.35 per hour worked to be deducted from the wage and sent weekly to Union Fund Office with other Fringe Benefit contributions. **Separate check for IAP Fund made payable to Industry Advancement Program and sent to Union Fund Office. ***Separate check for New York Laborers’ Political Action Committee (voluntary deduction) for $.10 per hour worked to be deducted and sent as per instructions on form. SURETY BOND: Required to guarantee payment of Welfare, Pension and Annuity Funds. Number of Laborers Employed 1 to 10 11 to 20 21 to 50 Over 50 employees SHOP STEWARD: Amount of Surety Bond $ 25,000.00 $ 50,000.00 $ 100,000.00 $100,000.00 plus $2,500 for each employee over 50 The Union shall have the right to appoint Shop Stewards, but said Shop Stewards shall perform a regular day’s work. On variable shifts, the Shop Steward is to work only 8 hours. The Shop Steward shall be notified in advance of, and have the right of first refusal on any scheduled overtime. On spontaneous overtime, the Shop Steward will be used when feasible. EXCAVATING LABORERS LOCAL #731 – CON’T WORK HOURS: 8 Hour day 40 Hour week (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) or (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) 1/2 hour lunch option NOTE: Any failure to work these hours gives the Employer the right to pay only for those hours actually worked and the Employer must deduct from the Employees wages and fringes, the value of the time period less than 8 hours actually worked. OVERTIME: Excess of 8 hours in any one day Excess of 40 hours in any week On single shift, all work performed before and after 8 hour day Saturdays, if not legal holiday …………….. TIME AND ONE HALF Sundays and Holidays ……………………… DOUBLE TIME Fringe Benefits are paid on HOURS WORKED OBSERVED HOLIDAYS New Year’s Day lndep. Day Memorial Day *Labor Day Columbus Day Pres. Election *Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day * Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day are PAID HOLIDAYS EXCLUDING BENEFITS Memorial Day shall be observed the last Monday in May and Columbus Day shall be the second Monday in October. SHIFT WORK: Two Shifts= = Three Shifts = When 2 shifts are employed, the work period for each shift shall be a continuous 8 hours at straight time When 3 shifts are employed, each shift shall work 7 1/2 hours but paid for 8 hours with 1/2 for mealtime included VARYING SHIFT COMMENCEMENT: On any Monday through Friday inclusive, the Employer can vary the shift commencement of any single, two or three shifts by 2 hours before or after normal commencement in 1/2 hour increments for any employee and/or group of employees on any shift and all work performed during said varied shift shall be paid for at straight time. The Employer can vary the commencement of the normal lunch periof 1/2 hour before or after the same, for any employee and/or group of employees on any day, and all work performed during said varied lunch period shall be paid for at the straight time rate. LIUNA Local 731 Training Fund 14-29 112TH Street College Point, NY 11356 Tel: 718-752-9860 • Fax: 718-752-9880 • Email: Training@local731.com APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM To Whom It May Concern: Apprentice Rates are as follows: Effective July 1, 2023 1-1000 hrs. = 50% of a Journeyman’s rate $22.25 hr. 1000-2000 = 60% of a Journeyman’s rate $26.70 hr. 2000-3000 = 75% of a Journeyman’s rate $33.38 hr. 3000-4000 = 90% of a Journeyman’s rate $40.05 hr. 4000+ – – Full Journeyman’s rate $44.50 hr. Benefits are paid the same as a Journeyman. Rates are in effect until June 30, 2024.