Cement League Local Union 46 MOU 7.1.2020 thru 6.30.2024

Mou to collective bargaining agreement june 16, 2020 it is agreed by and between local 46 and the cement league: 1. Effective july 1, 2020, all first year apprentices shall be at a rate of $41/hour. That rate will remain essentially the same for the term of this cba. 2. From july 1, 2020 through december 31, 2021 journeyman rates shall be $81.81 outer-borough, and $83 .81 in manhattan. There shall be a ratio of 3 journeymen to 2 apprentices ($41/hr) for a blended hourly rate of $65 .48 outer-borough and $66.68 in manhattan. 3. From january 1, 2022 through june 30, 2022 all journeymen shall be at the one rate of $83 .81/hr. The blended rate is $66.68/hr. 4. From july 1, 2022 through june 30, 2023 journeymen shall receive a $1/hr raise, increasing the blended rate to $67 .28/hr. 5. From july 1, 2023 through june 30, 2024 journeymen shall receive a $1/hr raise, increasing the blended rate to $67 .88/hr. 6. This cba shall commence on july 1, 2020 and shall end on june 30, 2024. 7. All references to a trainee category in the old cba or mou shall be eliminated. 8. The rates above shall be only for cement league high rise which shall be defined as concrete construction going vertical. 9. The full rate for all other work shall be the expiring journeyman and apprentice rates. 10. No contractor shall be required to bend steel on site or to have a tag writer. If a contractor chooses to have bending on site, or to use a tag writer, such work shall be performed by a member of local 46. 11. Cement league contractors shall have staggered morning start times of 7, 7:30, 8 or 8:30, provided local 46 members are notified of their start time before leaving work the day before. The parties hereto agree to review this arrangement on or before december 31, 2020. The union shall then decide whether to continue with the 8:30am start time. 12. The patties shall have a side agreement to the cba to establish language for increased mobility. 13. The parties agree to establish an arbitration clause for dispute resolution. 14. If a contractor is forced to shut a project for reasons beyond its control (to be specified), in such event local 46 workers shall be paid for actual hours worked. 15 . All references to the cement league construction institute shall be stricken and all payments ( .22/hr) shal i be made to the cement league advancement program (clap). 16. High rise rates for work in westchester and long island shall be $81.81/hr for journeymen. The ratio shall be 1: 1 jomneyman to apprentice. 1 7. Contractors shall make all best efforts to provide any notice to local 46 members prior to leaving the job the day before. All non-emergency notices shall be texted to members no later than 5pm s/james p. Mahoney local 46 s/michael salgo the cement league