Cement League L 46 MOA 7.18.2016 thru 6.30.2020

Local 46 Metallic Lathers Union and Reinforcing Ironworkers
The Cement League
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) made this 1st day of July,
2016, by and
between Local 46 Metallic Lathers Union and
Reinforcing Ironworkers (the “Union”) and The Cement League (the
“Association” or “Employer”).
1. This MOU shall continue the expiring Collective
Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in full force and effect
subject to ratification by the Union membership. The new
period of the CBA begins on July
18, 2016, or upon
ratification, whichever is later, and expires on June 30,
2. The parties agree that this is
a four (4) year agreement.
Journeyperson wages shall increase $2.00 annually
on ratification, and thereafter on July 1st for
the following three years. Apprentice/Trainee rates shall
be per the attached document entitled APPRENTICE WAGES
1, 2016 TO JUNE 30, 2017. On July 1, 2017,
and on the
same date for the following 2 years
Apprentice/Trainees shall receive
$2.00 increases.
3. The parties agree that this agreement shall include all
residential, foundation and private superstructure work.
All public
workers projects shall be governed by the GCA
Agreement and under those
conditions accordingly.
4. The
ratio of workers on each Cement League job shall be
three (3)
Journeypersons to two (2) Apprentice/Trainees.
Local 46 shall not
be responsible for enforcing this
ratio. It shall be
the obligation of the Employer when
making requests for referrals
of employees from the Local
46 hiring hall to specify in writing the number of
and trainees required to meet goals. Any
employer that chooses to employ more
Journeypersons than
are called for under this formula shall not have any
claim against
Local 46 arising from this provision.
5. The Employer will
be able to bring bent rebar onto all
superstructure jobs without
restriction as to the size,
length or diameter
of the rebar, provided that from the
of each job, the Employer maintains a two (2)
person bending machine, each such person is paid for all
Local 46 crew hours. The Journeypersons composing
the bending
crew shall be exclusively utilized to perform
bending work
and shall not be required to perform other
duties. However, after regular hours, members of the
bending crew may be added by an Employer to any other
lather crew working overtime on other areas at the
jobsite. The Employer shall have
the right to assign one
(1) member of the
bending crew, with the other assigned
by the Union.
All overtime shall be based on time and one-half for
vacation and annuity benefits. All other benefits
be at straight time. Sundays and Holidays shall be
at double time on wages, vacation and annuity benefits,
and at straight time
on all other benefits.
7. Holidays
shall be New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Good
Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,
Day, Presidential Election Day, Thanksgiving Day
and Christmas Day. All holidays are subject to change
with notice.
The observance of any holiday that falls on
a Saturday shall be observed on the Friday preceding the
holiday. Any holiday
that falls on a Sunday shall be
observed on the Monday following the holiday.
8. Employers shall have
the right to a staggered start time,
provided they start
with at least one-half (1/2) of the
entire lathers crew,
and then bring in the balance of the
crew at the later start time. All start times, for all of
the crew, must be an hour before or after the projects
normal starting
time. (EX. If a project has a starting
of 7am, the foreman may reguire workers to begin at
6am or 8am). If there is to be a staggered start time,
the workers must be informed of their start time before
they leave the jobsite on the previous working day.
9. Tag
writers shall only be required on those projects that
are larger than 400,000 square feet.
10. The Employer
on foundation jobs will be able to bring
in bent rebar that is size 7 or above. The Employer on
foundation jobs shall be required to bend rebar on site
that is size 6 or below.
11. On combination foundation and superstructure jobs,
work per this MOU shall be foundation rules while the
foundation is being constructed, and superstructure rules
12. The Union and
the Association agree, as soon as may be
practicable, to rewrite the outdated, expiring CBA.
13. There shall be
no shift differential paid on the first
if more than one shift is employed. The shift
differential will remain $12.00 an hour on the second and
third shifts. The time
and one half (1.5x) rate will be
against the base wage, not the shift
In witness whereof the parties have signed this Amended
Memorandum of Understanding this 1st day of July, 2016.
Local 46 Metallic Lathers Union
And Reinforcing Ironworkers
Terrence B. Moore, Business Manager
The Cement League