Cement League – L 14-14B MOA 7.1.2011 thru 6.30.2014

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RE: IU0E 14 June 30, 2011
Re; Cement League CBA with Int’l Union of Operating Engineers Ixwals 14
Memorandum of Understanding
Operating Engineers Local 14-14b
The Cement League
Relief Engineer: year 1, No relief Engineer
on singlecrane projects fewer than 40stories.
Year 2 and
3: No relief Engineer on any single crane project.
Economic Recovery: Both
parties agree to developeconomic recovery language, to be added ata
later date.
NY Plan: NY Plan language shall be modified to mirror that of
Wages: 3 yearagreement
The employer shall increase wages and benefits (non compounded) by 3% on July 1, 2011* 3% on
Julyl, 2012 and July 1,2013.
The term of this
agreement shall be in effect on July 1* 2011 thru Jone 30,2014. With the termsof
agreement applying to aU new projects; of which no crane has yet begun or has been erected.
Pending Ratification
Cement League Operating Engineers
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