BCA – L 282 Rates 7-1-2023 to 6-30-2024

TEAMSTERSLOCAL#282 Wage Rates and Fringe Benefits – July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 JURISDICTION: New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. *WAGES – HOURLY RA TE: 7/1/2023 to 6/30/2024 Teamsters Onsite Steward $ 61.04 CONTRIBUTIONS – FOR HOURS WORKED: Annuity Fund $ 18.50 I.AP. Fund $ 0.50 Pension Fund $ 13.00 Welfare Fund $ 19.55 Building Fund (taxable) $ 0.30 Dues Check-off (taxable) $ 2.10 Job Training Fund $ 0.15 TOTAL (see note below): $ 54.10 NOTE:The BUILDING FUND and DUES CHECK-OFF monies are already included in the wage rate and are not part of the Contribution total. These amounts are to be taxed, deducted from the wage rate and remitted with other fringe benefit contributions to the Union Fund office. NOTE:Annuity Fund paid on hours paid Dues check-off is paid on hours paid IAP Fund paid on hours worked and must be paid by separate check DRIVE Fund deduction shall be made from Employee’s wages only after a duly signed authorization card has been filled out. Building Fund paid on hours paid, to include time accumulated for vacation and sick days Welfare and Pension Funds are paid as follows: Monday through Friday paid on hours worked to a max of 40 hours Saturdays & Sundays paid on hours worked to a max of 8 hours Alteration work only – Saturday, Sunday and Holidays time and one half Hours worked shall include paid holidays hours up to a max of 8 hours per day. WORK HOURS: 8 Hour Day (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) 40 Hour Week NOTE: Time is to be taken when arriving at commencement of work and computed when leaving at the end of the day. TEAMSTERS LOCAL #282 – CON’T OVERTIME: Work prior to 8:00 a.m Excess of 8 hours in any one day Excess of 40 hours in any week (M-F) Work performed on Saturdays …………………………. Time and One-Half Sundays and Holidays …………………………………….. .Double Time NOTE: Overtime is computed in 1/2 hour intervals Employees who begin work on Sundays and Holidays will be guaranteed 8 hours pay at double time. PAID HOLIDAYS: (8) *New Year’s Day Martin Luther King Day President’s Birthday Memorial Day Fourth of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Day *Christmas Day All Employees who work at least two days in the payroll week in which a Holiday occurs, shall be paid for such. *Employees employed on December 24 and December 31 and who report to work on such days, shall be paid afternoon pay without working. Bereavement: 1 day’s absence with pay in a given contract year. TEAMSTER SITE COORDINATOR (O.S.S.) – EFFECTIVE 7/1/2012 1. New Construction: a OSS shall be employed where an employer is contracted to be responsible for, manage or perform (as owner, general contractor, prime contractor, sub-contractor or construction manager – however described), work on new commercial construction, and the total gross square footage of the structure to be constructed is 495,000 square feet or greater. THIS IS WITH RESTRICTIONS – SEE AGREEMENT OR CALL THE BCA FOR SPECIFIC DETAILS. 2. Interior Fit-Out/ Alteration/ Renovation: 375,000 square feet will commence the duties of a OSS. NOTE: THIS IS WITH RESTRICTIONS – SEE AGREEMENT OR CALL THE BCA FOR SPECIFIC DETAILS.