BCA – L 15D Rates 7-1-2023 thru 6-30-2024

JURISDICTION: OPERATING ENGINEERS LOCAL #15D Wage Rates and Fringe Benefits – 7/1/2023 to 6/30/2024 New York City, Nassau & Suffolk Counties, Westchester, Putnam and that part of Dutchess County lying South of the North City line of Poughkeepsie, NY. WAGES – HOURLY RATE: 7/1/2023 Party Chief Instrument Man Rodman *CONTRIBUTIONS – FOR HOURS WORKED: TO 6/30/2024 $ 69.67 $ 51.76 $ 31.90 Annuity Fund $ 13.05 Apprenticeship/Nat Training Fund $ 0.90 **I.AP. Fund $ 0.50 Supplemental Dues (tax) $ 3.18 Vacation Fund/PAC. (tax) $ 5.01 Welfare Fund $ 13.30 Medical Reimbursement Fund $ 0.74 Pension Fund $ 7.65 Defense/ Target Fund $ 0.05 —- $ 44.38 *The above fringes, excluding the I.AP. Fund are paid to the employee in the form of stamps and placed in his weekly pay envelope. These stamps are purchased from the Union Fund Office. **Separate check for the I.AP. Fund made payable to the Industry Advancement Program and presented at the same time purchase of stamps is made at Fund Office. WORK HOURS: 7 hour day 35 hour week (8:00 a.m .. To 4:00 p.m.) or (8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) 1/2 hour lunch option DURATION OF WORK: 1 to 3 days employme, nt = paid straight time for actual hours worked 4 or more c days = paid straight time for a full week OVERTIME: Wages: Excess of 7 hours in any day Excess of 35 hours in any week First 7 hours on Saturday = Time and one half Excess of 7 hours on Saturday All work on Sundays and Holidays = Double time Fringes: Pension and I.AP. paid on all straight time hours worked OPERATING ENGINEERS LOCAL #15D – CON’T Annuity, Apprentice, Vacation, Welfare and Union Assessment funds paid time and one half or double time as appropriate. PAID HOLIDAYS: New Year’s Day Lincoln’s Birthday Presidents’ Day Memorial Day Fourth of July Veteran’s Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Columbus Day Christmas Day Friday after Thanksgiving NOTE: All employees by this agreement shall receive 7 hours pay at straight time rate for any of the holidays mentioned above. If any of the above mentioned holidays occurs on a Sunday, it should be observed on the following Monday. Eligibility for Holiday Pay Without Working: Employee must work at least one day in the payroll week which the holiday occurs to be eligible for Holiday pay. (Notice attached) If requested to work on above mentioned holidays – even if occuring on a Saturday or Sunday, double time rate shall be paid. SHIFT WORK: Single Shift= Two Shifts= Three Shifts = Shall be 7 working hours starting at 8:00 a.m. – mealtime either one hour or one-half hour. The work period for each shift shall be 6 1 /2 hours with pay for 7 hours Each shift will work 6 1/2 hours with pay for 7 hours. NOTE: When two or more shifts are employed, single time will be paid for each shift. The work week begins 8:00 a.m. Monday and ends 8:00 a.m. Saturday. 451 Park Avenue South 4th Floor New York, NY 10016 Tel: 212-683-8080 Fax: 212-683-0404 www.ny-bca.com International Union of Operating Engineers Local 15-lSA, 15D All Employees covered by this agreement shall receive eight (8) hours pay at the double time rate and double time fringe. If the said above-mentioned holiday is worked. If the employee works four (4) days in the payroll week from a single employer and he or she does not work this at holiday, the employee shall receive eight (8) hours straight time pay and eight-hour (8) holiday stamp. There will be no benefit fund contributions on the Annuity, Vacation, Voluntary, Annuity, Apprentice and/or Training Funds, Medical Re-imbursement, PAC, Defense Fund or LMCT funds. Said member will receive a holiday stamp, which shall include welfare, pension, and supplemental dues only. When a member covered by this agreement is employed in a payroll week with said holiday the members to receive two (2) hours pay plus two (2) hour holiday prorated stamp for each date worked in a payroll week(i.e.: one day- two (2) hours, two days – four hours, three days – six hours, four days – eight hours). During the week of Thanksgiving/Day After Thanksgiving holidays if both holidays are not worked, employees that work one day in the payroll week shall receive six (6) hours of holiday pay and five hours of holiday pay for each additional day worked that week, not to exceed 16 hours of holiday pay. Any of the aforementioned holidays that falls on a Saturday will be observed in accordance with the New York State General Construction Law Article 2, Section 24. When the holiday is worked and the operating engineer is unable to work then only the replacement operating engineer receives holiday pay. ®~36