BCA L 14-14B Rates 7-1-2024 thru 6-30-2025

OPERATING ENGINEERS LOCAL #14 14B Wage Rates and Fringe Benefits 7/1/2024 to 6/30/2025




Double Drum Single Drum , 4 Pole hoist Relief Eng/Crane erection & dismantle House Cars and Rack & Pinion House Cars (New Projects) *Basic Crane **Basic Wage Rate ***”B” Rate Lead Engineers/ Working Steward CONTRIBUTIONS FOR HOURS PAID (EXCEPT AS NOTED): Annuity Fund ****IAP Fund (per hours worked) Pension Fund (per hours worked) Training Fund Union Assessment (tax) Defense Fund (tax) Vol. Annuity (tax) Welfare Fund LMCTF $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 91.2680.7681.6264.3351.4596.6073.5255.1886.94
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 10.500.506.301.152.420.104.5014.500.2540.22

*Stone Derrick, Cranes (up to 100′), Hydraulic Cranes **Fork Lifts, Plaster (Platform Machine), Plaster Bucket


Concrete Pumps and all other equipment used to Hoist Material. ***Compressors, Welding Machines, (Cutting Concrete Tank Work), Paint Spraying,


Sand Blasting, Pumps (with the exclusion of Concrete Pumps),


All Engines irrespective of power (Power Pac) used to drive Auxiliary Equipment, Air, Hydraulic, Jacking System & Boliers.


****Separate check for IAP Fund payable to the “Industry Advancement Program”, to be presented at same time purchase of stamps is made at Union Fund Office.




Boom rates, crawler or truck


Additional hourly rates to be added to “Basic Crane Rate” listed above:


100′ 149′ 150′ -249′ 250’ 349’ 350′ 450′ Tower Crane = = = = $ $ $ $ $ 1.752.002.252.752.00




*The Engineer on a climbing crane shall receive an additional one hour per day climbing time at the double time rate. Climbing time shall start when the equipment is power activated.


LUNCH: If he remains in the cab


If he works any time during lunch =


one half hour’s wage at double time one hour’s wage at double time




Number of Engineers Employed


1 to 10


11 to 30


over 30


Amount of Surety Bond $ 10,000.00 $ 20,000.00 $ 50,000.00




*7 hour day


35 hour week


Between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. 1/2 hour lunch 7 hours actual machine running time with machine


ready to start at 8:00 a.m.


*lf Engineer works with mechanics of a trade who work an 8 hour day Engineer will also work 8 hours at straight time.


NOTE: If hoisting for concrete contractor exclusively, and is employed only one


or two consecutive days within 5 consecutive working days, he will receive a minimum of 3 days pay for each p payroll week.




Conditions: : Excess of 7 hours in any one day, Saturday, Sundays and Holidays


Wages: Fringes: Double time (Except Rack & Pinion and House Cars, bid after 7/1/2011, are at time and a half)Welfare, Annuity, Training, Union Assessment, Vol. Annuity and DefenseFunds are paid double for overtime hoursPension and IAP Funds are paid at straight time for all hours worked.

PAID HOLIDAYS: New Year’s Day Lincoln’s Birthday Presidents’ Day Thanksgiving Day


Memorial Day Fourth of July Labor Day Christmas Day


Columbus Day Veteran’s Day


Friday after Thanksgivin