BCA – L 138 Rates 6-1-2023 thru 5-31-2024

OPERATING ENGINEERS LOCAL #138, 138A & 138B Wage Rates and Fringe Benefits – 6/1/2023 to 5/31/2024 JURISDICTION: Nassau and Suffolk Counties ( Long Island) *WAGES – HOURLY RATE: Crane, Crawler (AA Rate) Cherry Picker, 3 Drum Hoist (A Rate) Bulldozer (B Rate) Interior Hoist, Pumps (C Rate) Generator (D Rate) Compressor (E Rate) Lead Engineer Off Road Trucks Junior Engineer (F Rate) CONTRIBUTIONS – FOR HOURS WORKED (except as noted):: Welfare Fund Unemployment Fund Pension Fund Annuity Fund (Hours Paid) App. Training Fund *Legal Fund(tax) *Vacation Fund (tax) (Hours Paid) *Dues Check-Off (tax) *PAC(tax) *Defensive Org.(tax) HRA Fund LMF **IAP Fund 6/1/2023 TO 5/31/2024 $ 90.26 $ 75.40 $ 71.63 $ 69.13 $ 52.83 $ 50.62 $ 84.72 $ 49.07 $ 16.10 $ 1.35 $ 5.60 $ 11.50 $ 1.60 $ 0.10 $ 5.50 $ 2.75 $ 0.10 $ 0.15 $ 3.00 $ 1.50 $ 0.50 $ 49.75 * The Legal Fund, Vacation Fund, Dues Check-off, PAC, Defensive Org. Fund monies are already included in the Wage Rate. **Separate check for IAP Fund, made payable to the Industry Advancement Program and sent together with regular stamp fund purchase to Union Fund Office. LEAD ENGINEER Lead Engineer is required when 4 or more engineers on one shift on one contract. The various prime contractors shall pay their proportionate share of the expense of the Lead Engineer to his Employer. WORK HOURS: 8 Hour Day 40 Hour week (7:00 or 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 or 4:30 p.m.) 1/2 hour lunch option OPERATING ENGINEERS – LOCAL 138 – CON’T OVERTIME: Excess of 8 hours in any one day Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays ………… = Double time Fringe Benefits ……………………………….. = Paid on hours worked* (*Please note: Annuity, Vacation & HRA Funds are based on Hours Paid.) NOTE: Any part of a half hour constitutes 1/2 hour’s pay. START UP TIME: Crews on steam shovels or steam rigs shall report to work 1 hour before starting time to raise steam and grease engines – paid 1 hour at double time. Engineers employed on scoops, carry-alls, scrappers, power grades, trench machines, rollers, travel loaders, finishing machine, bulldozer and all single operated machines shall report 1/2 hour before starting time for greasing – paid 1/2 hour at double time. Gasoline machines operated from December 1 to April 1, when working with building tradesmen shall be paid 1/2 additional hour at premium time. Vibratory Hammer, uses for driving piles or sheeting, if operated by Engineer on the crane with generator or compressor mounted on the rear of the crane or rig, paid an additional 1 hour per day at double time. PAID HOLIDAYS: New Year’s Day Lincoln’s Birthday Memorial Day Wash./Pres. Day Fourth of J1 uly Labor Day Good Friday Veteran’s Day Thanksgiving Day Friday after Thanksgiving Christmas Day NOTE: Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Junior Engineers, Firemen and Oilers ordered to work on such days shall not receive less than 2 days’ pay. If Christmas Day falls on a Saturday – paid 1 day’s pay at straight time. Eligibility for Holdiay pay without working: An Engineer must be employed on the day before the Holiday and the day after the Holiday to receive pay for the Holiday. If Engineer works intermittently in a calendar week in which the Holiday occurs, he shall receive 2 hours pay extra per day, but not to exceed 8 hours pay for the Holiday compensation. OPERATING ENGINEERS LOCAL #138 – CON’T PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE: Public liability insurance is required to cover Engineers operating construction equipment as follows: SHIFT WORK: One Shift= Two Shifts= Three Shifts = Not less than $200,000 for one person $500,000 for one accident 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. When working through lunch, paid 10 hours at straight time An Engineer, Junior Engineer, Fireman or Oiler shall be subject to the time alloted for lunch in accordance with the custom of the trade with which he is working Work 7 1/2 hours – paid for 8 hours (lunch inclusive) NOTE: Engineers employed in power plants will partake of their meals during the 8 hour shift. SHIFT WORK- 6 HOUR SHIFTS: Engineers employed on a continuous 7 day basis on temporary heat, shall operate on shifts of 6 hours each, four shifts, starting at 12:00 midnight. All overtime (over the 40 hour week) shall be paid at the rate of time and one half, except holidays, which shall be paid at the double time rate. APPRENTICESHIP WAGES JUNE 1, 2023 TO MAY 31, 2024 25% NIGHT WAGE DIFFERENTIAL GREASE 1ST YEAR 28.00 35.00 15.63 2ND YEAR 29.00 36.25 16.25 3RD YEAR 30.00 37.50 16.75