Allied and Local Unions L14-14B and L15 L15A 15D MOA 7.1.2018 thru 6.30.2024

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT BETWEEN INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING ENGINEERS, LOCAL 14-14B AND LOCAL 15, 15A AND 15D AND ALLIED BUILDING METAL INDUSTRIES JULY 1, 2018 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2024 1. The term of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Allied Building Metal Industries and Local 14-14B and Local 15, 15A and 15D shall be six (6) years for the period of July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2024. 2. The monetary total wage and benefit package increase effective July 1st of each year is three (3) percent annually, not compounded and based on the total package of wages and benefits in effect on June 30, 2018. 3. PAID FAMILY LEAVE: – Paid family leave in accordance with New York State’s Paid Family Leave Law shall be provided as a benefit through the Welfare Fund of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 14-14B and the Welfare Fund of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 15, 15A and 15D. It is the intent of the parties that the obligation of the Employer to otherwise provide this leave is satisfied through the benefit provided through the respective Welfare Funds. 4. MASTER MECHANIC: The value of projects requiring a Master Mechanic will increase to $80 million as of July 1, 2018. The value of the project will then increase by $5 million on July 1st of each year of the term of this Agreement. Where the cost of a project on a building site is $25,000,000 or more, a Master Mechanic will be required. 5 LOCAL 14-14B DRONE INSPECTIONS: In the event that a visual inspection of a crane is performed using a drone, the drone may be operated by the crane operator or the Master Mechanic if properly qualified and licensed to operate the drone. No additional manning will be required to operate a drone for a visual crane inspection. 6. SECTION 9, Working conditions, Section 8: Change as follows: An Engineer shall hoist only the material of his Employer. If the Engineer is required to hoist for any other contractor and/or subcontractor that does not have an Agreement with the Union, and such other contractor, cm or subcontractor performs bargaining unit work otherwise covered by any agreement with the union, then the hoisting shall only be done at the mutual consent of the Employer and the Union. 7. An oiler on a crawler crane (straight lattice boom with no attachments); crawler tower crane and truck crane will maintain up to 2 lights, pumps or heaters in any combination and be paid the maintenance rate of pay; This provision does not apply to pedestal or climbing tower cranes. One (1) maintenance engineer will maintain up to 10 lights; 8. LOCAL 15D: All survey instruments such as transits, levels, theodolites, lasers, piezometers, fathometers, distomats, geodometers and any similar EDM equipment used to establish, check or maintain line and grade, and the setting up of any robotic and laser scanning survey equipment, all GPS Survey Equipment and drones when used to perform survey quality a work traditionally performed by Local 15D shall be covered by this Agreement and shall be the jurisdiction of Local 15D, IUOE. The term Survey Instrument shall not be limited to the above mentioned equipment. 9. STORM LANGUAGE: STORM WARNING: IN THE EVENT OF A STORM WARNING ISSUED BY THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE, ALLIED BUILDING METAL INDUSTRIES WILL COORDINATE WITH THE BUSINESS MANAGERS OF LOCALS 14-14B AND LOCAL 15-15A-15D TO DISCUSS CLOSING JOB SITES DOWN FOR THE STORM DURATION. IN THE EVENT THAT JOB SITES ARE SHUT DOWN DUE TO A STORM, THE OPERATING ENGINEERS WILL BE PAID ONLY FOR THE HOURS WORKED IN THE WEEK THAT THE STORM OCCURS. THE EMPLOYER AT ITS SOLE DISCRETION MAY BRING IN LOCAL 14-14B OR LOCAL 15-15A OPERATING ENGINEER(S) AS NEEDED TO CLEAN, PROTECT OR MAKE THE WORKSITE SAFE. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN: In the event that a public official, including the President of the United States, the Governor of the State of New York, the Mayor of the City of New York or any other elected officials of any other jurisdiction in which Local 14-14B or Local 15, 15A, 15D members may be employed by an ALLIED BUILDING METAL INDUSTRIES member or its subcontractors (“Employer”), declare a state of emergency, or a project shut down by a public owner or other government agency declare a state of emergency or a project shutdown by a public owner or other government agency, the Employer shall have sole discretion as to manning the job as the employer sees fit. Such emergency discretion does not permit the Employer to assign Local 14-14B or Local 15, 15A, 15D’s work, classification or equipment to anyone other than Local 14-14B or Local 15, 15A, 15D members. If, during a period of emergency, the Employer performs any work, or utilizes any classifications or equipment which falls under the Operating Engineers’ jurisdiction, then such work, classifications or equipment will be performed, manned and operated by members of Local 15 and 15D in accordance with the ALLIED BUILDING , V METAL INDUSTRIES Agreement. |H H4, TF 10. This Memorandum of Agreement shall be in agreement with all aspects of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 11. The above stipulations are subject to a ratification vote by the memberships of each respective Union. The current wage and fringe benefit shall be paid with all monies being retro-active to July 1, 2018 upon ratification. ALLIED BUILDING METAL INDUSTRIES Managing Director Terrence Flynn Chairman Date Date INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING ENGINEERS, LOCAL 14-14B Business Manager John Powers Recording Corresponding Secretary 4 it Kenneth Klemens Vice President Date INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING ENGINEERS, LOCAL 15, 15A, 15D Thomas A. Callahan President and business Manager Christopher Thomas Recording Corresponding Secretary Date