ACP Local Union 1 Schedule A 1-1-23 thru 12-31-2025

1. Schedule a to the united association national plumbing service agreement local no. 1 mes collective bargaining agreement governs certain matters classification ofemployees, pay rates, fringe benefits, hours of work, shift work, holidays, travel expenses, hiring procedures, how up time and the resolution of grievances shall be governed by the mechanical equipment and service collective bargaining agreement between the employer and plumbers local union no. 1 (“mes agreement”) covering the period january 1, 2023 through december 31, 2025 in lieu of the united association national plumbing service agreement. Work authorized under article 1, paragraph 1 of the national plumbing service agreement as well as work described in scope of work (below) may be performed by the workforce pay rates and ratios as established in the local no. 1 mes collective bargaining agreement. 2. Territorial scope of schedule a – all boroughs of the city of new york 3. Scope of work a. This agreement shall apply to and cover all work performed by the employer in order to keep all plumbing and mechanical systems within occupied or ready to be occupied facilities operating in an efficient manner either by contracts or on an emergency call basis. The work includes inspection, service maintenance, starting up, balancing, adjusting, repair, modification and replacement of plumbing and mechanical equipment and operation work to meet customer obligations. Service and maintenance work shall include but not be limited to sanitary drainage systems, potable water systems, fixtures, grey water systems, irrigation systems, gas systems, and similar building utilities necessary for habitation and use. Temporarily installed systems are to be considered service work except when in connection with new buildings. B. The schedule a shall also apply to and cover all routine maintenance and inspections regardless of size or location of the plumbing and mechanical equipment, fixtures and systems being inspected or maintained where the work is done as part of a periodic routine service, inspection and maintenance procedure of the employer, such as: 1) systems operation under contract with customer 2) general housekeeping 3) delivery and truck driving of parts or equipment 4) replacement of all existing residential equipment, appliances and plumbing fixtures 5) drain and sewer opening through cabling, flushing or other means 6) installation of all single unitary heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems 7) in an area where a problem exists with non-union competition, by mutual agreement, the scope may be expanded to meet local conditions. C. The schedule ashall also cover: 1) any repair and/or replacement ofthe present plumbing system that does not change existing roughing except for “incidental piping. ” 2) alterations a. All residential and boutique hotels alterations regardless ofwhich other union trades, if any, may be on the job, may use a ratio of 1 “b” journeyman to4 “b” helpers (true helper ate) when the job involves 60 fixtures or less and 1″8″ journeyman to1 “b” helper (true helper ate) when the job involves 61 – 325 fixtures. Does not apply to conversions. B. All commercial alterations where the job includes 40 fixtures or less may use a ratio of 1 “b” journeyman to2 “b” helpers (true helper rate). I. Contractors must notify local #1 three (3) business days prior to starting work (small commercial teration form). Ii. Does not apply to building trades jobs. “building trades” is defined as when local #638 and local #3 members will 2 both be working at the job and at their primary rate. Ill. Does not apply to gut rehabs 75 feet and above. 3) any new commercial stores not exceeding 20,000 square feet. D. Work described in paragraph c2 cannot be performed under a building and construction trades council project labor agreement, on prevailing wage jobs nor institutional work. E. All questions relating to the geographical territory and trade jurisdiction of a local union or local unions, or questions relating to open territory shall be decided by the union. F. Servicemen on or after december 1, 2009 employers may hire individuals who can perform the work as detailed in paragraphs 3a and b of this schedule aand article 1, paragraph 1 of the national plumbing service agreement. These individuals shall be called servicemen and may be paid 70% of the wage and 100% of the fringes of a journeyman as set forth in the mes agreement. No person who was a journeymen member of local #1 prior to december 1, 2009 may be paid servicemen wages/fringes without the consent of the employee and the union. All regulations concerning hiring, sponsorship, work rules, hours, etc. Contained in articles i, ii, vi, vii, x, xi of the local area agreement shall apply to servicemen. Servicemen may perform work as described in paragraphs 3c but only where a “mes” journeyman is also working. G. Duration of schedule a schedule ashall continue in effect unless either the union or the employer notifies the other, in writing, 180 days prior to december 31, 2025 of its intention to terminate the agreement. H. Arbitrations all arbitrations will be heard as per article xi of the local #1 /acp mes collective bargaining agreement. Thomas g. Bigley director of plumbing services united association effective date 01/01/2023 ‘0~ robert ~eg, pr’ident = association ofcontracting plumbers of the city of new york, inc. 3