John A. Cavanagh Scholarship Fund

In 2001, CAGNY created a college scholarship fund to enhance educational opportunities for tomorrow’s construction industry leaders. The fund was named the John A. Cavanagh Scholarship Fund in honor of John A. Cavanagh, a founding member of CAGNY, its past Chairman for over 20 years, and a Chairman Emeritus. Sadly, John passed away in 2012; a great loss for CAGNY and the New York City construction industry at large.

Each year, the Scholarship Fund presents a 4-year scholarship award to an eligible child from each CAGNY member company, as well as two 4-year awards to economically disadvantaged students enrolled in New York City high schools.

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Honorable Mentions

In 2004, the JAC Scholarship Fund added the category of “Honorable Mention” to its Scholarship program. An Honorable Mention is a one-time stipend award to recognize a student’s outstanding academic achievements.