The Contractors’ Association of Greater New York, Inc. (CAGNY), is a multi-employer association of many of the leading construction managers and general contractors operating in New York City and State. CAGNY members are among the most talented, top-quality construction firms in the world, prioritizing safety, innovation, and efficiency. CAGNY’s members include Cauldwell Wingate Company, LLC,  Hunter Roberts Construction Group, LLC,  Lendlease (US) Construction, LMB Inc., LHT Services, LLC, Pavarini McGovern, Plaza Construction LLC, and Turner Construction Company.

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CAGNY members build some of the most defining projects in the New York Region–from the New York Public Library and the Brooklyn Museum to NYU Langone Medical Center, and 220 Central Park South. Our members’ diverse projects range from complex mega projects like Pier 57, the Brooklyn Navy Yard and JetBlue Airways Terminal 5, to hospitals and hospital satellite offices such as Mount Sinai. Our members specialize in projects ranging from hotels (the Conrad New York), to residential high rises (432 Park) to 50-60 story commercial offices (66 Hudson Blvd). Other areas of expertise include residential, institutional and educational complexes, as well as full interior renovation projects. Our contractors employ thousands of people in New York and have helped to build and support the middle class in New York City by employing a diverse group of skilled craftspeople, office, and field personnel, and seeking out and working with MWBE subcontractors.

CAGNY builds its reputation around its core values: Vision • Ethics • Value and prioritizes the safety and well-being of its workforce above all else. These values drive the members of CAGNY to remain at the forefront of the New York construction industry, providing leadership in the areas of safety innovation and practices, technology development, public service, legislative initiatives, and philanthropy. CAGNY also serves as a collective bargaining representative in the negotiation of labor agreements with its affiliated trade unions, working with its unions to develop a diverse, skilled and well-trained workforce.


The vision of CAGNY initiated several objectives critical to the success of large-scale development projects in New York City.

CAGNY members take great pride not only in “doing the right thing,” but in setting the standards upon which the larger industry can model itself.

CAGNY members work together to achieve efficiencies and savings that independent companies cannot match.


CAGNY began with a small group of firms and individuals who came together in 1984 to pursue shared interests unique to large-scale, high-quality, primarily residential builders. As construction in NYC and State has evolved, so have our members. As a result of our founders’ vision, and the vision of CAGNY’s leaders today, CAGNY initiated several objectives critical to the success of large-scale development projects in New York City. Some of these objectives include collective bargaining and insurance reforms, development of safety, security and ethics standards, support of new construction technology, recruitment of women and minority-owned contractors, and legislative advocacy on issues relating to construction.